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DJ Akademiks Pedophile Allegations Trend After Alleged Comments about Smashing 17 Year Old Women

Is DJ Akademiks a pedophile? The legendary forum poster turned Hip-hop superstar is caught up in controversy again after he allegedly made some possibly career altering comments during an interview. You probably know that DJ Akademiks is loved by many, but also hated by many, and the people who have been waiting on his demise may have finally got their prayers answered.

DJ Akademiks Pedophile Allegations Trend After Alleged Comment about Smashing 17 Year Old Women

What is the difference between a woman who is 17 and a woman 21 years old? Well to most men who are in their thirties the 17 year old girl would be considered underage despite the fact that in some states that would be the legal age of consent. However, based on alleged audio for the 31 year old DJ Akademiks a 17 year old woman is the same as 21 year old as long as she has a college ID. In fact based on the audio it doesn’t even matter to him if a woman just turned 17.

During the viral audio in question DJ Akademiks allegedly said, “To keep it real if you think about it in the bigger scheme of things, there’s not much of a difference between a 20 and 17, or a 21 and a 17. Just that one is a minor, and one is not a minor. I will say I adopted this rule, which I think is fine. I said listen man as long as a chick got a college ID she’s getting f*****. I don’t care if she’s 17, I don’t care if she’s 17 1/2, I don’t care if she just turned 17, she’s going to get this d***”.

It’s tough to believe DJ Akademiks would say something that sounds so crazy, so take a listen to audio for yourself. Press the unmute button if you hear no sound.

Social Media Reacts to Alleged DJ Akademiks Comments About Smashing 17 Year Old Women

Naturally people on social media are not happy at the alleged comments the hip-hop superstar said about young 17 year old women. Many of the social media reactions labeled DJ Akademiks a pedophile.

The only way you could defend DJ Akademiks’ alleged comments is by looking at the fact that in many states 17 years old is legal age of consent for a woman. However, during that alleged interview DJ Akademiks himself said that he considers a 17 year old a minor, so he admitted he would smash a minor if the audio is real. That makes his alleged comments very hard to defend.

This could be the beginning of the end for him unless he can devise some plan to make people think they misconstrued his alleged words. Who knows maybe the audio isn’t real, but it sounds just like him. Hopefully DJ Akademiks isn’t smashing minors.