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Video: King Von Knocks Out an Inmate After Jumping Another Inmate in Dayroom Phone Prison Fight

A viral video has emerged online showing the late rapper King Von involved in a jail fight that ended with him knocking out another inmate. The video, which was reportedly captured by a security camera possibly in 2016, shows how the situation escalated in a matter of seconds.

How King Von Jumped an Inmate Then Knocked Out Another By a Dayroom Phone

According to reports, the fight began in an area where the dayroom phone was located. Two inmates, identified as Willie Wheeler and Donta, started fighting near the phone for some reason. King Von, who was nearby, joined in the brawl and proceeded to help his friend jump the inmate who was using the phone. However, another inmate, whose name is unknown, got involved and tried to punch King Von from behind.

In a flash of a few seconds, it appeared that King Von knocked out the inmate with a single punch, sending him to the floor. This prompted the correctional officers, who were in the same room, to spray mace and order all the inmates to lay down on the ground. Even after the mace was sprayed, King Von seemed unaffected and was trying to run from the correctional officers, before they tackled him, slammed his face into the ground, and handcuffed him.

After the incident, the inmates involved in the fight had to undergo a decontamination process and received clearance from the Paramedic Bain at the Division Ten Dispensary. It’s alleged that no serious injuries were reported.

The video has sparked reactions from social media users, who are saying that the video is more proof of how hardcore King Von was. They pointed out that not only did he seem unfazed by the mace spray, but he also knocked out an inmate right in front of the correctional officers, indicating that he didn’t care if they were there. Some even suggested that one of the correctional officers was afraid of him, because he hesitated to tackle him.


King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Bennett, was a rising star in the Chicago drill rap scene. He was signed to Lil Durk’s record label Only The Family and Empire Distribution. He was known for his storytelling skills and his hit songs such as “Crazy Story” and “Took Her To The O”.

He was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge on November 6, 2020, during a dispute with fellow rapper Quando Rondo’s crew. Timothy “Lul Tim” Leeks has since been charged with his murder.

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