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Who Paid Patrick Clark’s Bail? Man Accused of Murdering Takeoff Released from Jail after Paying $1 Million Bond

How would you feel if the man who is accused of shooting your family member or friend was able to walk around freely outside only a few weeks after it happened? That’s a situation you would hope is hypothetical for most people, but Takeoff’s family and friends will be dealing with that very soon according to a shocking new development in his case.

Takeoff’s Alleged Killer Patrick Clark Released from Jail after Posting $1 Million Bail

Today Quavo released a tribute track to Takeoff called “Without You”, and the lyrics went viral. However, the song release was shrouded by the cloud of the news that his alleged killer was set free pending trial. A live news video revealed that Patrick Clark somehow managed to pay up $1 million bond.

The move left people stunned, because prior to posting bail his lawyer was attempting to have it lowered claiming he wouldn’t be able to afford it. Of course that raises the question of who paid his bail? On social media many people speculate that his alleged Mob Ties might be behind the cash.

Patrick Clark’s next trial date is set for March of this year, so he has about 4 months before having to step foot in a court room again. Despite the charges being brought against him it’s reported that he still claims that he’s innocent, which makes you wonder if he believes he’s getting framed?

It almost seems like a cruel joke that the man who allegedly shot Takeoff is released from jail around the same time his best friend drops a tribute recored.

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