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Is Pooh Shiesty Gay? Video Leaks of Pooh Shiesty With Transgender Woman In Bed

Is Pooh Shiesty gay? An alleged transgender woman has exposed Pooh Shiesty after receiving an AP watch as a gift. The viral video shows Pooh Shiesty with the transgender woman in bed as his chest is getting rubbed. You can’t see his face, but the chains on his neck and tattoos on his arm likely confirm that it’s really him in the video.

Pooh Shiesty portrays an ultra gangster image, which makes this video super surprising. The transgender woman Pooh Shiesty possibly smashed looks more masculine than feminine, which makes it tough to believe he wasn’t aware if that’s really him.

Is this proof Pooh Shiesty is gay? Take a look at the footage going viral below, and the photo of the trans woman in question.

Did Pooh Shiesty Smash a Trans Woman? Video of Pooh Shiesty In Bed with Transgender Woman Is Going Viral

The big question here is why would this transgender woman expose Pooh Shiesty? It seems like they had good relationship going, and he was even buying the person expensive gifts. Was the trans woman just looking for clout, or maybe that AP watch was fake?

Whatever the case may be people thinking Pooh Shiesty is gay could change the course of his career. Transgender women have ended the careers of many hip hop and RnB artists throughout the years by exposing them in this fashion. A few examples are Bobby Valentino and Chingy.

If that video is real it would bring whole new meaning to the “Pooh” in his rap name.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff