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Tyre Nichols Body Cam Video Shows Memphis Police Officer Saying ‘Ooh That S**t Was Fun’ After Beating Him

The tragic death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, has caused outrage and shock across the nation. Recently the Memphis Police Department released surveillance video of the incident, which showed Nichols being beaten as the officers held his arms so he couldn’t defend himself. The video sparked nationwide protests, and an FBI investigation into the incident. What was said in the video by one of the police officers is going viral.

Tyre Nichols Body Camera Video Shows Memphis Police Officer Saying “Ooh That S**t Was Fun” After Beating Him to Death

The video shows the officers chasing down Nichols who was allegedly running from the police. Upon capturing him one of the police officer sprays him with mace while another began punching him. During that moment one of the cops mistakenly gets mace in his own eyes , and appears to be in pain.

From there things kept getting much more horrific as the police began taking turns punching Tyre Nichols while holding his arms so he couldn’t defend himself. In the footage you’ll hear Tyre Nichols calling out for his mother, similar to the way George Floyd was before he died. The video has been described as “about the same if not worse” than the infamous video of Rodney King by public officials.

After the incident was over, and Tyre Nichols was clearly gravely injured, one of the Memphis police officers is heard saying “Ooh that s**t was fun”. It was clear they had no regard or remorse for the condition they left Nichols in, which is simply heartbreaking and horrifying.

The five officers involved in the incident have since been charged with various counts of misconduct, including civil rights violations, excessive force, and second degree murder. The officers have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and were recently released from jail on bond.

The family of Tyre Nichols has allegedly filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis and the police department seeking damages for the death of their son.

This might definitely be one of the worst cases of police brutality ever seen in recent times. There’s just no way these cops are beating those second degree murder charges. It seems like an open shut case judging from the footage, and things they said.

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