If someone is locked up in prison with only men surrounding them, and their girlfriend is on the outside do they still have leverage in that relationship? How would they convince their girlfriend to remain faithful if they suspected she was cheating, but they weren’t getting out of prison anytime soon? These questions are the gist of why a viral video of an inmate accusing his girlfriend of cheating is currently trending.

Video of Desperate Inmate Trying to Stop his Girlfriend From Cheating Goes Viral

A viral TikTok video shows what went down during an inmate’s recorded call to his cheating girlfriend. Apparently the inmate thought his girlfriend was cheating, because every time he saw pictures of her she looked fancy in nice clothes with her hair done. In his mind this meant she was trying to look good for another man. In a last ditch effort to attempt making her stay faithful, he made some remarks that seemed to convey he didn’t understand the gravity of the predicament he is in.

As you’ll see in the footage below the inmate tried stopping his girlfriend from cheating by threatening to leave her. During their conversation he said he would move on from her if she kept looking too pretty while he wasn’t around. He also told her to write him more letters with a positive message. The strange thing about that is who would he be moving on to? The other men inside his prison? It seemed he wasn’t aware that his girlfriend had all the leverage in the situation since she was taking time out her day to keep in contact with him.

At the end day he wouldn’t have been in this situation if he didn’t get arrested. Then again no one knows the story behind why he’s locked up, so maybe it isn’t entirely his fault. Hopefully his girlfriend isn’t really cheating on him though, because that would be too sad.

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