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Details on Why People Believe a Commercial Pilot’s Footage of 12 UFOs Flying of Pacific Ocean is Actually One Big UFO

UFOs have been all the rage ever since the Pentagon released footage of their encounters with these unidentified aerial phenomena, and admitted that UFOs exist. Recently more UFO footage went viral, but this time it was captured by a commercial pilot. Many details about the footage have left the world perplexed.

Why is the Commercial Pilot’s footage of 12 UFO Flying Over the Pacific Going Viral?

On the early morning of December 10, a commercial airline pilot recorded a fleet of 12 UFOs flying over the Pacific Ocean. When he captured this footage he was reportedly at an altitude of 39,000 feet, and going almost 400 MPH, which negates the possibility that the Pilot was seeing a ship or lights from a city below.

The UFOs were flying in a close formation at speeds faster than their plane was going, which would be a feat too dangerous for humans to pull off. In addition the lights from the UFO appear to disappear and reappear, which could indicate they were also moving up and down at a high rate of speed, while flying forward at a high rate of speed. The footage ends when the UFOs suddenly disappear just as fast as they appeared.

Is the Commercial Pilot’s Video of 12 UFOs Flying over Pacific Ocean Actually One Big UFO?

The footage of the 12 UFOs flying over the Pacific Ocean has led to many conspiracy theories about what the Pilots were actually seeing. One the most interesting are people who believe that there aren’t 12 UFOs in the footage, but rather one big spinning UFO that has 12 lights on it. That could also explain why some of the lights seemed to be disappearing.

Whatever the case may be the video is now allegedly being investigated by the government.

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