2019 US Navy UFO Footage of 50 foot Spherical Flying Object UAP Entering Water Leaks

New unseen US Navy footage of the previously talked about spherical UFOs that enter water has leaked. The 2019 footage recorded by a US Navy aircraft shows the spherical object flying in the air before diving into the ocean with lightening speed. The footage was confirmed to be a UAP by Pentagon’s UAP task force dedicated to investigating these types of incidents.

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As with previous videos this UFO shares the common trait of being near water, and going back into the water after being spotted by the US Navy. Given the pattern it seems clear the UFOs either need water to operate properly, are researching the water, surveilling the army, or know that the human beings haven’t explored much of the deep ocean making it the perfect place to setup base uninterrupted.

When you’re watching these US Navy UFO videos the objects being record may seem small, but they are actually massive in size at times. For example the spherical UAP seen in the 2019 footage above is rumored to be around 50 feet in length or more. Even at that size these objects maneuver like they have no weight at all, and some can even dive into the water without making splash.

On social media there are endless theories about the true origin of these UFOs the US Navy is encountering. One of the most interesting theories is that these UFOs are actually humans from the future that are time traveling. It would perfectly explain why the Pentagon claims some of these UFOs have disable their defense systems. It would also explain why they never make contact despite the fact they clearly have superior technology.

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The question of if Aliens are real or fake has pretty much been answered over the past few months. It seems they are definitely real, and the government is secretly very worried.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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