Did CNBC Dox DFV? Angry r/WallStreetBets users are claiming CNBC Doxxed DeepFuckingValue. Now the famous reddit group wants people to Boycott CNBC for allegedly committing this heinous act.


DeepFuckingValue was allegedly the investor who started the Gamestop movement on reddit. At only 34 years old he is now the biggest legend ever on Wall Street. If you’ve been following the Gamestop stock story, then you probably know their shares were once only $18, but because of DeepFuckingValue’s genius Reddit WallStreetBets drove their shares up to $345, which was an unprecedented 135% increase.

Now with companies jealous of normal people having that control over the stock market, extreme measures have been taken that have caused the stock to plummet down to $194 a share, which is still a substantial increase all things considered.

With accusations that CNBC doxxed DFV he will likely need 24/7 security to ensure his safety. Doxxing is when you make someone’s privately identifiable information public with possible malicious intent. Last year Skai Jackson was accused of doing this someone.

Reddit Wall Street Bets is claiming CNBC is on a smear campaign against DFV. This is why they are hoping this alleged doxxing incident will lead to people boycotting CNBC.

It’s simply shocking that it’s possible that CNBC doxxed DFV.

Author: JordanThrilla