In this social media age the way many young people think has been altered by an unending search for clout. This leads to situations where people want to record a video to post on social media instead of doing something proactive to help the situation in that moment. Sadly a recent video of a 17 year old who was caught in a dangerous situation at Brooklyn Bridge Park is a perfect example of how bad the social media age has become.

Video Shows a 17 Year Old Getting Robbed at Gunpoint in Brooklyn Bridge Park New York While People Record Instead of Calling Police

A video trending on social media shows the moment a group of criminals caught a 17 year old lacking at Brooklyn Bridge Park in NY. It’s not clear what the backstory was, but three people surrounded the 17 year old, and put a gun to his head while emptying his pockets. As this was going on the 17 year old was begging them not to kill him saying ‘okay, okay, please don’t do that‘.

The saddest part of the video was the bystanders who were looking on as if they were being entertained. When the robbers put the gun to the 17 year old kid’s head the bystanders recording started saying ‘ooh ooh‘ like they were seeing something exciting. It didn’t look like even one person there tried to call the police despite the fact they were watching someone who could have been shot in the head at point blank range. Naturally the video has caused a lot of backlash on social media, which is why it’s going viral.

If there is one positive about the situation it’s the fact that since the video is going viral on social media it should make the job easy for police to capture those three guys who put the gun to the 17 year old’s head. In a way those people who recorded the situation may have inadvertently helped.

Luckily it doesn’t seem like the 17 year old was seriously harmed, but he’s probably mentally scarred after that.

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