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Woman Who Didn’t Know Number to Call Police After Catching Porch Pirate Stealing Amazon Package Trends

A woman who didn’t know the number to call police is going viral after a video of a porch pirate getting caught in the snow was posted online. The video shows a homeowner confronting a thief who stole his Amazon package off his doorstep on a snowy day. The thief tried to escape in his car, but got stuck on a mound of snow by the mailbox. The homeowner started recording the scene, and told a woman in the background to call the police.

How the World Found Out the Woman Didn’t Know How to Call Police

However, when he asked the woman if she called the police, she replied “I did but it keeps calling your phone. I don’t know the number”. This baffled viewers of the video, who wondered how the woman did not know that the emergency number to call police is 911. The video also captured the thief’s futile attempts to free his car from the snow, while the homeowner taunted him and waited for the police to arrive.

The crazy video was uploaded to various social media platforms, where it quickly went viral and received millions of views and comments. Many people found the video hilarious and expressed their disbelief at the woman’s ignorance of the emergency number to contact police. Some also praised the homeowner for his calm and witty demeanor, while others criticized the thief for his brazen and foolish act, calling his predicament an act of instant karma.

It is not known where the incident took place, or the names of the people involved. However, the video serves as a reminder to always secure your packages, and to know the number to call police in case of an emergency.

Not knowing the number to call police is all types of surprising. However, one could argue it’s also a blessing, because that would mean the woman has lived a peaceful life that never required police intervention.

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