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Here’s Why Shamrock Rovers Fans in Ireland Celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Death with ‘Lizzys in a Box’ Chant

With Queen Elizabeth II’s death ruling headlines the reactions around the world have been mixed in various countries. As you probably know just like the United States, England has a dark history in terms of things they have done to other countries throughout history. One of the groups most impacted negatively by England was Irish people. Their reaction to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has gone viral.

Shamrock Rovers Fans in Ireland Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Death During Game with ‘Lizzys in a Box’ Chant Goes Viral

During a Shamrock Rovers game in Ireland, Irish people celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s death in the most unexpected way. In perfect unison the crowd broke out in a ‘Lizzys in a Box’ chant with clapping and cheering. The beef between Ireland and England goes back hundreds of years, so while the video is surprising in some ways, it also was expected they would feel indifferent to her passing. The footage has now garnered millions of views across all social media platforms.

Why are Irish People Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

With the footage Irish people chanting ‘Lizzys in box’ at the Shamrock Rovers game, some people are wondering what was the possible motivation. In 1649 English parliamentarian Oliver Cromwell invaded Ireland with the New Model Army. He was infamous for using very brutal tactics to take over most of Ireland by 1652. The official numbers say Cromwell’s army murdered 3,500 Irish people, which included soldiers, civilians, and even priests.

In another operation called “Banner”, which started in August 1969, the British Military murdered 307 Irish people, half of which were innocent civilians. The controversial history between the Royal Family and Ireland even impacted the Brexit. When Prince Philip died Irish people also celebrated.

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