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Bodycam Shows Why a New Jersey Cop Slammed His Own Police Chief onto a Car Hood in DWI Scene Fight

In the usually peaceful Bradley Beach, New Jersey, a startling event occurred that’s been the talk of the town. A bodycam video that’s now all over the internet shows Police Sergeant William Major slamming Police Chief Leonard Guida onto a police car, in a one sided fight during a DWI stop. This incident has sparked a lot of discussions and made people question the behavior and ethics of those in charge of our safety.

Why Did NJ Police Sergeant William Major Slam Police Chief Leonard Guida Onto His Car Hood?

It was an ordinary night with Sergeant Major managing a typical DWI stop. But things took a turn when Chief Guida showed up unannounced. Allegedly drunk, he fixated on Major’s jacket, which had seen better days, and criticized it. This minor issue unexpectedly set off a chain of events.

Caught on camera, Guida can be heard questioning, “Why do you got a jacket on that’s not fit to be worn?” Major, trying to show respect, began to take off the jacket. According to reports the jacket had peeling letters on the back of it. Even after the jacket situation was over, Guida kept disrupting the DWI stop.

Guida’s request for Major to step aside for a chat led to an unforeseen physical clash. Major was heard telling Guida several times that he was working the DWI scene, but still he persisted on disrupting his job. Eventually Major lost it, and slammed Police Chief Guida onto the hood of his car. Can you imagine body slamming your own boss?

But it didn’t stop there. In a twist, Guida tried to fire Major on the spot. He whispered to Major that he was suspended and made him wait by the car for a further talk.

The Aftermath: What Happened to Police Chief Leonard Guida After the Body Slamming Video?

According to reports Sergeant William Major was allowed to keep his job after an investigation. Meanwhile Police Chief Leonard Guida was placed on paid administrative leave after a ruling from the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office. Based on State Pension public salary records he was making around $200K per year.

Would you call it bravery to slam your own boss if they were drunk, or is that good way to end your career abruptly? In this case it was an act of bravery, because in the end investigators let Sergeant Major off the hook, and he kept his job.

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