If you were in the midst of a public interrogation about a ton of missing money how would you try escaping punishment? Most people would think of making up some kind of lie, but a Nigerian official allegedly had other ideas. The stunt he pulled off has since become one of the most viral moments in internet history making him a international star for all the wrong reasons. Now the moment is trending all over again on social media.

Video of Nigerian Official Kemebradikumo Pondei Fake Fainting While Being Questioned About Missing Money Goes Viral

According to reports Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei is a professor, but most notably he was the leader of the Niger Delta Development Commission, a position he was first granted by the President of Nigeria back in February 2020. During a meeting this past year he was being grilled about money that went missing after it was supposed to be paid to a group called “Save Lives of Niger Delta People”. However, as the questions got tougher all of sudden his demeanor started to changed.

It started with him hitting his own glasses off his face by mistake. Then out of nowhere Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei fainted and slumped over causing a major commotion. People in the room rushed to the rescue, and started doing basic life saving techniques to keep him from choking on his tongue. That’s why in the footage below you will see a man trying to violently rip his mouth open. Despite how serious it looked the world is convinced that the Nigerian official fake fainted to escape punishment for his actions. Take a look, and you be the judge.

It was at the moment below that he probably regretted his decision, if he really did fake faint. If you notice in that moment all of sudden he became aware enough to try and get that guy to stop prying his mouth open.

Pondei’s fake fainting stunt is now used as a meme on social media.

Despite the accusations of fake fainting, Kemebradikumo Pondei still adamantly claims that he had a unexplained health condition according to multiple reports. However, saying it was unexplained seems really convenient considering the circumstances, which only fueled more jokes about the situation.

It’s safe to say fake fainting is not a good way to avoid being interrogated about money that went missing. That will only postpone the inevitable.

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