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Video Shows Fight After a Husband Caught His Wife Cheating with a Pastor at Hotel Room Allegedly

A shocking video has gone viral on social media, showing the moment a husband caught his wife allegedly cheating at a hotel with his pastor. The video, which was allegedly uploaded by the husband himself, has sparked outrage and disbelief among netizens.

According to the video, the husband’s name was possibly Charles Green, his spouse’s name was possibly Tania, and he referred to the man caught with his wife as “Pastor Mitchell”. They are three main characters in this relationship drama. In the footage, he confronts his wife in the parking lot of an Express hotel, where he had apparently followed her after suspecting her infidelity.

“What are you doing? You meeting the pastor? You meeting Pastor Mitchell?” he asks his wife Tania, who seems surprised and nervous to see him. His wife responds by claiming that she was only meeting him because she was in counseling. She insinuated that Pastor Mitchell is helping her with some personal issues and that there is nothing going on between them.

However, Charles does not buy her explanation and decides to go inside the hotel room to confront Pastor Mitchell, who also happens to be their church leader. He knocks on the door and demands to talk to him. Pastor Mitchell opens the door and tries to act calm and innocent. He also says that he was just doing a counseling session with Charles’ wife, and that there is no reason for him to be angry, because he is a “man of God”.

Charles is not convinced and accuses him of sleeping with his wife. He pushes his way into the room and starts fighting with Pastor Mitchell. The video cuts off just as the two men are possibly exchanging blows. The video has since gone viral and has received thousands of comments and reactions from people who are shocked and disgusted by the alleged affair.

Some people have expressed sympathy for Charles and praised him for exposing his alleged cheating wife and pastor. Others have criticized him for posting the video online and for resorting to violence. Some have also questioned the authenticity of the video and wondered if it was staged or edited. Take a look for yourself, did the husband handle the situation in the best manner?


It’s got to be a bad feeling when the person the possibly betrays your trust is someone who holds a leadership position at your church, which is considered a sacred place. If you can’t trust the person who was preaching to you every Sunday, is there any hope? Maybe Charles and Tania will find a peaceful way to work through the tense situation.

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