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Angry Mother Interrupts Texas School Board Meeting to Expose Racist Explicit ‘Out of Darkness’ Book Detailing Rape at Hudson Bend and Bee Cave Middle School

What kind of books would you expect to find in the Library of a middle school? Most parents would never expect to find a racist adult book talking about doing explicit acts to women bodies, but in Texas this isn’t the case.

A viral video shows an angry mother interrupting a Texas School board meeting to expose a racist explicit book called “Out of Darkness”, where it seemingly details men $exually assaulting Mexican woman with very graphic language. The ‘Out of Darkness’ book was found at Hudson Bend Middle school and Bee Cave Middle School libraries readily available for your young kids to read.

During her School Board meeting rant the angry Texas mother highlighted a passage from the ‘Out of Darkness’ book at Hudson Bend and Bee Cave Middle Schools that appears to promote rape towards women a Mexican descent,

“For the boys, p**** or the idea of p****. A Mexican is a Mexican. Take her out back we boys figured. Then hand on the t******, put it in her coinbox, put it in her cornhole, grab a hold of that braid, and rub that calico.”

That heinous passage is allegedly on page 39 of the ‘Out of Darkness’ book.

How can that Texas school district explain a book like “Out of Darkness” being in multiple middle school libraries? How is a book like that considered appropriate for young middle schoolers to read?

It seems that Texas may need to look over their policies on how books are checked before being put on the shelves of their middle school libraries. That book wouldn’t even be appropriate for a high school library.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff