Kanye West is trending once again for his comments about Jewish people, Adolf Hitler, and Nazis. Recently Kanye has been promoting beliefs from Christianity which convey that humans should love all people regardless of things they have done in the past, because virtues of forgiveness are held to a high importance in religious texts. Based on some scriptures of the bible any person who truly wants to be forgiven for their sins can be forgiven by God. Also God never turned his back on sinners in the bible if they wanted to be forgiven, because he loved all his creations. For example in the story of Jesus he asked God to forgive the people who crucified him on the cross right before he died. It appears those religious beliefs could be at the core of some controversial comments that explained why it seems Kanye West doesn’t believe that Nazis should be held in a negative light at all times.

Did Adolf Hitler Nazis Invent the Microphone? Question Trends after Kanye West’s “Especially Hitler” Comment During Infowars Interview with Alex Jones

During his Infowars interview with a bible in front of him Kanye West claimed that every human being has brought something of value to the table “especially Hitler” his own words. Kanye West believes Hitler should be praised for inventing the microphone and highways. Naturally this raised a viral question on social media; did Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime invent the Microphone? Surprisingly there is allegedly a deep connection between the design of Microphones and Germany during his rule.


There are two people in history credited for the invention of the Microphone, Emile Berlinner who filed the patent for the first microphone in 1877, and James West an American Inventor who also holds design patents for the Microphone. However, Germans during Hitler’s regime are also credited for perfecting the design of the microphone in terms of making them able to project sound over wide spaces.

According to history books Adolf Hitler was searching for a way to clearly amplify his voice to massive crowds during his speeches to strengthen the support of his Nazi army. At the time the sound scope of microphones was very limited, so Hitler hired engineers to perfect the design to do more. As result the well known Neumann CMV3A microphone was designed specifically for Hitler to use during his speeches, which was later nicknamed the “Hitler Bottle”.

While it may be hard to believe, it’s possible that musicians today benefit from the design changes made to the microphone that happened under Hitler’s Nazi era, as Kanye insinuated. The names Neumann, Telefunken, Gefell, Sennheiser, Schoeps and AKG are seen on top of the line microphones today in terms of making music, and all have origins that can be directly or indirectly connected back to Hitler in some way.

In summary Kanye West is wrong in saying that Adolf Hitler invented the microphone, but some parts of history claim he is responsible for hiring engineers who perfected the design.

The religious message Kanye seems to be trying to promote by insinuating humans should love all people even if they have done bad things is peaceful in theory. For example during the same interview he also said that he loves Jewish people, so when he praised Hitler his comments probably weren’t meant to be anti-Semitic. However, he’s conveying his thoughts to the public in a way that makes it tough for some people to understand, and also easy for the media misconstrue as or twist into hate speech. He really needs to work on articulating his thoughts in a less brash manner, especially since he’s running for president. Some people such as Dr. Boyce Watkins understood the message that Kanye West was trying to send.

It seemed Kanye was trying to convey how ironic he feels it is that the media condemned him for complaining about people he claims were treating him unfairly with bad contracts and business practices, while also promoting peaceful Christian beliefs. However, that message is going to get lost behind his choice of words, because the media has more ammo to continue on their crusade to make the general public think that he’s crazy, when it seems more like he’s frustrated about how people reacted to him venting about bad business practices.

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