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Michael B Jordan Calls Out Lore’l For Calling Him ‘Corny’ During Red Carpet Interview at Creed 3 Premiere in Viral Full Circle Moment

Michael B. Jordan and Lore’l had an interesting moment when they crossed paths at the premiere of Creed 3. As Lore’l interviewed Michael B. Jordan on the red carpet for The Morning Hustle, he called her out for calling him “corny” in the past, which caused quite a stir on social media.

Did Michael B Jordan Take it Personally When Lore’l Allegedly Called Him Corny?

The two of them go way back to their high school days, when Lore’l allegedly used to diss Michael B. Jordan, calling him corny. Fast forward to the present day, and Michael B. Jordan is a major Hollywood star, director, producer, and superstar. Ironically Lore’l is now a reporter for The Morning Hustle, interviewing Michael B. Jordan on the red carpet. Social media was having a field day with this situation, poking fun at Lore’l and calling it a “things coming full circle” moment for her.

Many people are pointing to this situation as an example of why you should treat people with respect in high school, because you never know who they might be when they get older. When Michael B. Jordan mentioned how she allegedly called him “corny”, she claimed she was misquoted. However, as you’ll hear at the end of interview it seemed like Lore’l threw subliminally dissed him again saying “you’re not corny anymore” in a sarcastic manner.

Creed III officially releases on March 3, 2023. The film is considered by many one of the most highly anticipated projects this year.


Is Lore’l Jealous of Michael B Jordan’s Success?

Michael B. Jordan is a great example of how hard work and dedication can pay off. He has worked his way up from his humble beginnings to become a major Hollywood star. It’s inspiring to see that no matter how many times people try to bring you down, if you stay the course, there can be a happy ending.

After seeing how she seemingly threw more shade at him while closing the interview most people are convinced that Lore’l is jealous of his success. Is that fair assessment, or are people overreacting to the interaction they had?

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