Did Jeffree Star confirm hooking up with Kanye West? A few hours after a rumor started that Kanye West smashed Jeffree Star, something strange was posted on Twitter from his account.

Jeffree Star posted a new photo with a caption “I’m ready for Sunday Service“. Notice anything familiar about that statement? That’s right Kanye West runs “Sunday Service”.

Essentially this could be Jeffree Star responding to Kanye West hookup rumors. Take a look.

Is this an official confirmation that these two have been doing the dirty behind Kim Kardashian’s back? Considering how religious Kanye West became over the past year this would be some of the most shocking hiphop news ever.

If Kanye West smashed Jeffree Star his career would basically be over. At this point Kanye West needs to release a statement regarding this to put people’s minds at ease. What else could Jeffree Star mean by posting “I’m ready for Sunday Service” at this point in time. Today is Wednesday, it’s not even close to Sunday yet.

Author: JordanThrilla

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