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Cassidy vs Hitman Holla Full Rap Battle Leaks and People Debate Who Won

Now that the Cassidy vs Hitman Holla full rap battle leaked, people are debating who won. This is a battle that was very personal for both rap legends. Their intense faceoff almost ended with guns being drawn before they were separated. It turned from business to more of a street beef, as Cassidy attacked Hitman Holla’s street cred.

During this battle it was more of the same. Both of them talked about the events leading up the battle, and came at each other hard. Interestingly Cassidy seemed to evolve in this battle, and put on a much better performance than he did against Arsonal.

Who Won Round 1 and 2 of Cassidy vs Hitman Holla Full Rap Battle?

Round 1 of the battle definitely went to Cassidy, and most of social media agrees. He looked to be in his prime again as he effortlessly delivered potent punchlines with incredible delivery. He was truly in his bag. It was more of the same in round 2 as well.

When he told the story about Hitman Holla asking for his autograph, he really sonned him.


Who Won Round 3 of Hitman Holla vs Cassidy Full Rap Battle?

Round 3 clearly went to Hitman Holla. It seemed he saved his best for last, but it was little too late. Needless to say he ate up Cassidy that round, and would have clearly won the battle if he performed like this during round 1 or 2.


This battle wasn’t without its tense moments, as a fight almost happened on stage. Luckily cooler heads prevailed.

Nick Cannon made a cameo that had the whole place excited. Some people on social media thought that was the best part.

The Verdict on Who Won the Cassidy vs Hitman Holla Full Battle

It’s easy to see if you watched the battle that Cassidy won 2-1. Some people are even saying Cassidy won 3-0, but we don’t see how anyone could give him the last round too.

Cassidy came prepared for this battle, and corrected all the mistakes he made in the travesty that was his last battle against Arsonal. Paying $50 for this event was definitely worth it.

Cassidy told Hitman Holla he was going to win, and he kept his word. Should there be a rematch?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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