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Was Takeoff Set Up? New Videos Showing Armed Man in Crowd Before Shooting and J Prince Jr. Walking Over Takeoff’s Dead Body Sparks Conspiracy Theory

As police continue to investigate the murder of legendary rapper Takeoff, the internet is doing their own investigation to help figure who shot him. Now TMZ has released new footage, which shows what happened in the moments right before his death. The video shows a person who police believe is a person of interest, and something that J Prince Jr. is receiving backlash for.

Was Takeoff Set Up? Details About the Armed Man in Crowd and J Prince Jr. Walking Over Takeoff’s Dead Body

The new footage shows there was an armed man in the crowd while an argument between Migos and some unknown individuals was taking place. It’s tough to see clearly in the video if he was the same person that is shown apparently firing the gun. In the comments of the footage some people are claiming the armed man was seen in the car with Quavo at a later time, which might rule him out as the suspect unless it was a set up, or an accident. As you’ll see in the clip below the shooting took place as soon as Quavo walked away.

Along with that video there is footage that appears to show J Prince Jr walking over Takeoff’s dead body then telling people not to ask him any questions about what happened. It’s alleged that he invited Migos to the private Bowling Alley Party, which is why many people find the footage a bit sketchy. However, there is a rumor that he is facing gun charges from a previous incident, so it makes sense why he wouldn’t want to start answering questions about a shooting that had just taken place. Nevertheless there are many people who believe a conspiracy theory that Takeoff was set up after seeing these two videos since the shooter still hasn’t been arrested.

This the TMZ video showing the armed man in the crowd. You can see his hand is already on the gun as people are arguing.

@tmz New Video from #takeoff Shooting Shows Man with Gun #migos ♬ original sound – TMZ

Below is the footage showing J Prince Jr. walking over Takeoff’s lifeless body almost like he didn’t care, but as aforementioned he might have been just trying to avoid getting in trouble with his alleged looming gun charge from the past.

Considering the shooting happened at a Bowling Alley with a lot of people around to many it seems a bit strange that police haven’t found the shooter yet. Did the venue not have security cameras rolling at the time of the incident? Are people who witnessed the shooting refusing to snitch? Or is this all part of a conspiracy theory involving Takeoff being set up for some reason? As time goes on the truth will come the light.

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