HIV and AIDS continues to be two of the most fear diseases, but also some of the easiest to avoid. By taking proper precautions, getting tested regularly, and not engaging in certain risky activities most people avoid catching the deadly STD during their lifetimes. However, there are many cases where people have the HIV or AIDS, and don’t even know it, which can lead to them potentially spreading it to others unknowingly. A situation like this has been going on in the Hollywood and Music industry over the past 10 years possibly.

Could Chris Brown or Nick Cannon have HIV? Instagram Model Gena Tew HIV AIDS Confession Has People Worried For Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, and Other Celebrities

Gina Tew is an IG model who was known for sleeping with a lot of famous celebrities. Her alleged list of hookups includes big name superstars like Nick Cannon and Chris Brown. Recently Gena Tew took to social media to admit a scary situation she had just become aware of recently. Her remarks could spell trouble for many prominent men in the Hip-Hop and music industry, and the woman they have slept with over the past few years as well.

In a sad video Gena Tew confessed she has HIV AIDS. It’s not clear when Gina Tew caught HIV, but she claims doctors told her it was in her system for the at least the last 8 to 10 years. She wasn’t aware, because she never got an HIV test. The virus is known to lie dormant, and not cause symptoms for years in some people after they catch it. During that time the HIV progressed until Gena Tew had AIDS. The only reason she got tested recently was due to her finally experiencing some deadly symptoms, because her white blood cell count got too low.

Naturally people are worried the Chris Brown or Nick Cannon might have HIV, since they have both been linked to Gena Tew in the past.

How Did Gena Tew Catch HIV AIDS?

According to Gina Tew she doesn’t know who she contracted the HIV virus from, but she possibly caught it in New York. In one of the videos below she explained that before learning she had AIDS, there was a point in her life where she was homeless in New York City, and got raped multiple times. It seems she believes that possibly could be when she contracted the virus, but she still isn’t sure. Is it possible Gina Tew caught HIV from a celebrity hookup? Take a listen to her story.

This situation shows why getting tested regularly for HIV is of the utmost importance even if you aren’t considered a high risk demographic. People who are having unprotected intercourse should get tested at least three times a year just to be safe.

Gina Tew’s AIDS confession could possibly save the lives of people she hooked up with, and people that hooked up with men she slept with. Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, and other celebrities linked to her need to get tested ASAP if they haven’t already. HIV is treatable only when it’s caught early word to Magic Johnson.

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