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Conspiracy Theory Blac Chyna Escaped Illuminati Trends After She Deleted Her OnlyFans, Removed Demonic Tattoos, and Her Implants

Blac Chyna, the former reality TV star and rapper, has recently made headlines for her dramatic transformation. The 34-year-old, whose real name is Angela White, has decided to leave behind her old life and embrace a new one with God. Some people feel this is actually what happens when someone escapes the grips of the Illuminati.

In a series of interviews with various media outlets, White revealed that she has been baptized, changed her name, deleted her OnlyFans account, removed her implants and fillers, and got rid of her demonic tattoos. She said that she was inspired by her faith and wanted to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

The Baptism

White said that she was born again on her birthday in May 2022, when she got baptized at a church in Los Angeles. She said that it was a turning point for her, as she felt God’s presence and love in her life. “I felt like I was reborn,” she told the Daily Mail. “I felt like I had a new start. I felt like I had a new purpose.”

The Name Change

White also said that she changed her name from Blac Chyna to Angela White, which is her birth name, to reflect her new identity. She said that she wanted to be known for who she really is, not for her stage persona or her past. “Blac Chyna was just a character that I played,” she said. “It was not me. It was not who God created me to be”.

The Deleting of Her OnlyFans Account

White also revealed that she deleted her OnlyFans account, which was one of the most popular and profitable on the platform. She said that she made over $200 million from posting explicit photos and videos of herself on the site, but that she felt it was degrading and immoral. “That’s just not what God would want me to do,” she said. “It’s degrading. It’s not respectful. It’s not honoring myself or God.”

The Implant Removals

White also said that she reversed all of her plastic surgery procedures, which included breast implants, lip and butt fillers, and facial injections. She said that she regretted going overboard with cosmetic enhancements, as they made her look unnatural and insecure. “It got to a point where my lips were so bad that even when I would smile you couldn’t see my teeth,” she said. “It’s like now you can see my teeth”.

The Removal of Her Demonic Tattoos: Is This Proof Blac Chyna Escaped the Illuminati’s Hold of Her Soul?

White also said that she removed all of her alleged Illuminati tattoos, which included some demonic symbols and words. She said that she realized that they were negative and harmful to her spirit. “I had some tattoos that were very dark and evil,” she said. “I didn’t want them on my body anymore. I wanted to cleanse myself of all of that”. Conspiracy theorists believe she is talking in code to express that she was able to safely escape a pact she may have made with the Illuminati to achieve her previous success.

Conspiracy Theory Blac Chyna Escaped Illuminati Trends After She Deleted Her OnlyFans, Removed Demonic Tattoos, and Her Implants

White said that she feels happier and healthier than ever before. Hopefully she continues on this path towards finding her true light in life.

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