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Soulja Boy’s IG Live Rant Responding to Women Who Chose $250 in Food Stamps Over Dinner With Him is Hilarious

Soulja Boy, the rapper behind hits like “Crank That” and “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”, recently went on a heated rant on Instagram Live after several New Jersey women commented that they would rather get $250 in food stamps than have dinner with him. The rapper, who claimed to have made $100 million in 2020, did not take kindly to the rejection and proceeded to insult the women and their financial status.

In the video, which has since gone viral, Soulja Boy can be seen sitting in front of a large pile of cash on his table, presumably to show off his wealth and success. He repeatedly calls the women “broke”, “stupid”, and “ungrateful”, and says that they would never make it out of the hood. He also says that he wouldn’t give them his time of day anyway, and that he has plenty of other women who want to be with him.

Soulja Boy’s rant has sparked mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Some have defended him, saying that he has the right to express his frustration and that the women were being disrespectful and rude. Others have criticized him, saying that he was being immature and insecure, and that he should not have reacted so harshly to a hypothetical question. Some have also questioned the authenticity of his money, suggesting that it might be fake or borrowed.

Regardless of the opinions, Soulja Boy’s Instagram Live has once again put him in the spotlight and generated a lot of buzz. He might want to think about starting some kind of reality TV show, because his social media outbursts are always entertaining.

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