Why did OT Genasis threaten to kill No Jumper’s Yassy during an interview? The incident happened during a heated verbal spar where OT Genasis appeared to be under the influence of Alcohol.

It all started when Yassy told OT Genasis that he would never win in the media field, which apparently got him in his feelings. She tried clarify her statement by giving an example about writing stories, but it didn’t help. It got worse when Yassy appeared to clown OT Genasis with a comment about him being on the No Jumper show every week. That’s when OT Genasis got really mad and started to bragging about his success.

In that moment OT Genasis threatened to Kill Yassy or have her beat up. The incident happens around 14 minute mark of the video.

Many people are appalled that he would say something like this to a woman, but it appears he might have been drunk during the interview. That doesn’t make it better, but it’s likely he could use that as an excuse for his words.

It’s possible OT Genasis will apologize to Yassy some day, or maybe not. The craziest things happen during No Jumper interviews, which is probably why they are always must watch entertainment.

Author: JordanThrilla

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