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DaBaby Security Guard Hits Male Fan Trying to Hug DaBaby During Selfie Picture

DaBaby is usually a friendly person to his fans, but there are some things he just doesn’t like. One of those pet peeves was revealed in a video where DaBaby’s security guard hit a male fan trying to hug DaBaby.

In the short video the fan was attempting to take a selfie with DaBaby, and tried to put his arm around his shoulder area. DaBaby rejected the hug by pointing to stop, before his security guard intervened by hitting the fan’s arm down with a pink hat. This incident comes only a few days after DaBaby refused to give a kid $200 for a value size box of candy.

Some people feel DaBaby was showing a napoleon complex, because the man who tried to hug him was taller. In some cases people will try to belittle someone by hugging them in a fashion that highlight the glaring height difference. However, DaBaby rejecting the hug from the fan could be safety protocol.

The good thing here is that DaBaby and his security team remained calm, and still took a selfie with the fan despite being visibly agitated by the hug attempt. In the past we have seen situations like this end in altercations with other rappers.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff