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FBG Duck Goons Show Up to King Von Neighborhood in O Block at Night Playing “Dead B*tches” King Von Diss Track

Even with both FBG Duck and King Von dead their beef still lives on through their fans. In a viral video FBG Duck goons pulled up in King Von neighborhood in O-Block playing his “Dead B*tches” King Von diss track.

The footage was taken in the middle of night and shows two people walking with large wireless speaker, filling King Von’s neighborhood with the disrespectful words from FBG Duck’s “Dead B*tches” diss track. The FBG Duck fans showed no fear while pulling off the very dangerous stunt for clout.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you don’t hear sound.


FBG Duck and King Von had a long standing beef before his death was caught on video back in August of last year. At the time King Von went on IG Live to clear his name, because people were accusing him of murdering FBG Duck. A few months later King Von’s death was also caught on video in the same manner.

FBG Duck fans showing up to King Von’s O Block neighborhood playing “Dead B*tches” just to disrespect him shows there is still no love lost between the two sides.

Author: JordanThrilla