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Is Nas a Billionaire? Here is Why Nas Could Be One of the Richest Black Men on Earth in a Few Hours

Nas a billionaire? Those are words most people thought they would never hear, but in a few hours headlines could be saying “Nas is one of the richest black men in the world”. It appears an investment Nas made in Coinbase could be the greatest investment of his lifetime.

How will Coinbase Make a Nas a Billionaire?

Coinbase is cryptocurrency exchange Nas invested in some years ago. On Wednesday the COIN stock will be listed publicly, which will cause it’s valuation to skyrocket over $100 Billion. This would instantly make Nas a billionaire.

When Did Nas Invest in Coinbase?

Way back in 2013 Nas’ company “Queensbridge Venture Partners” invested in Coinbase when it was only worth $143 Million. With company becoming a public stock Nas’ percentage of the company would be valued at close to $800 Million. When you add that to his current investments it makes Nas a billionaire.

Wouldn’t be ironic if Nas becomes a billionaire before Jay Z? It would be one the most prolific bounce backs for a guy who was having financial issues during his divorce battle with Kelis.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff