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Why Did Cam’ron Kick Styles P on Stage During Dipset vs The Lox Verzuz Battle Almost Starting Fight?

A few weeks ago Styles P said the upcoming Dipset vs The Lox Verzuz Battle would turn physical, and it really did. A tense moment of Cam’ron kicking Styles P on stage almost started a fight. Luckily people were able to hold Styles P Back.

In the footage Styles P was rapping in Camron’s face, before he got agitated and kicked him in the stomach area. Styles P then held Camron’s leg, and wouldn’t let go until he was pulled away. At that point Styles P tried to fight Cam’ron, but people were standing between them. The whole time Camron was sitting in his chair like a G not flustered at all.

Take a look at the moment Cam’ron kicked Styles P in his stomach.

Why Did Styles P Kick Cam’ron During Verzuz Battle?

The beef going on between Dipset and The Lox came to a boiling point in the weeks leading up to their Verzuz battle after Jim Jones started talking that talk on social media. As you will see in the video below Styles P threatened to fight Dipset, or beat up Jim Jones after the Verzuz Battle.

In the footage Styles P said someone laced Jim Jones weed, because to him that could be the only reason he was talking so crazy. He guaranteed that he would fight the person who laced Jim Jones weed, which is really just code for saying he’s going to put the paws on someone in Dipset since Jim Jones was talking crazy.

Perhaps that situation was the motivation behind Camron kicking Styles P.

Styles P wanting to beat up someone in Dipset was in response to a video where Jim Jones said he was “smoking on LOX packs” on August 3rd. He also said Styles P isn’t a true New Yorker, and accused him of being fake gangster. Jim Jones alleged Styles P grew up in the suburbs. That back and forth happened in the comments of a post on Instagram.

As you can see Styles P made it clear that on August 3rd he was beating up somebody up on Dipset after the Verzuz Battle. However, in the end it was Dipset’s head honcho that brought the physical action when Cam’ron kicked Styles P on stage.

Kudos to Verzuz Security for keeping a massive brawl between The Lox and Dipset from starting.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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