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Plies Buries His Gold Teeth in His Backyard Like Treasure after Removing Them in Viral Video

The unthinkable has happened in 2021, Plies removed his gold teeth. In a viral video Plies buried his gold teeth that he has been wearing for more than ten years. It was almost like a Plies had a funeral for his gold teeth.

In the footage Plies shows himself putting his gold teeth in a tooth shaped container that mimics a casket. He then uses a silver spoon the bury the gold teeth under some dark soil. It may seem like a simple gesture, but for someone who had gold teeth as long as Plies this is a life changing event. Plies may never be the same person again.


The video above is officially the last video we will ever see with Plies having gold teeth. Plies is 44 years old, so there many people out there who would say this was long overdue. It was kind of weird seeing a someone as old as him still rocking gold fronts like youngster.

There is a chance that wearing those gold teeth so long damaged his teeth. In fact tooth issues might be the reason Plies removed his gold teeth.

Plies didn’t post any pictures showing how his teeth look without the gold fronts, but hopefully he will show fans soon.

Author: JordanThrilla