There are some instances where life experiences make some people have heightened abilities. If you lived in an environment where you had to worry about people trying to shoot you in some cases people can become more aware of shootings happening before they actually happen. Proof of that is viral footage showing how rapper Albee Al was able to predict a dangerous situation was about unfold at his show.

Viral Video Shows Albee Al Pointing at Shooter Before Getting Shot At During First Club Concert Performance Since Being Released From Jail

On August 16 Albee Al was released from prison after accepting a plea deal for his involvement in a shooting incident from 2019. Considering the situation he was involved in, there was a high chance that he would have some enemies possibly looking for revenge. In his first performance since being freed from jail he found himself involved in a shooting once again, except this time he was the possible target.

A scary video shows the moment Albee Al pointed at a shooter before they fired shots in his direction. You could hear the panic amongst the crowd as the loud popping sounds of the gun filled the air. The video has amazed social media, because of how hard it would be for the average to person to point out someone with gun in a small crowded club with dim lighting. As result Albee Al’s superhuman awareness went viral on social media. It appears he wasn’t hit during the shooting, so his awareness paid off.

This situation reminded us of the time Lebron James was able to point out a fan that was sitting in the nose bleed section of a Lakers game.

Albee Al being able to spot the shooter before they fired shots was a like real life version of “Spidey-senses” going off, which is Spider-man’s ability to react to danger before it happens.

If his reaction time was any slower he might not have survived that scary ordeal. Albee Al getting shot at in his first performance since be releasing from jail on shooting charges has to feel like Deja Vu.

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