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Is This The Reason Aye Verb Snapped On Female Battle Rapper By Insulting Women?

Footage of Aye Verb destroying a female battle rapper is going viral. In the footage Aye Verb got super personal to the point where it seemed like his lyrics were coming from a dark place inside his soul. The look of hurt on the woman’s face said it all. Even she couldn’t believe the stuff he was saying.

Naturally, people began to wonder would could have happened in Aye Verb’s life that caused him to have so much animosity towards a female at that point time. The answer may be more sinister than you think.

First take a look at the footage below.

Why Did Aye Very Get Angry at Female Battle Rapper and Insult Women?

The answer to why Aye Verb got personal with this Female Battle Rapper might go back to when he was younger. Aye Verb was molested by an older woman when he was younger, or so he claims. In a video from a few months ago Aye Verb confronted that woman he claimed preyed on him, but she denied molesting him. You could see how emotional Aye Verb is about the situation by the look on sadness on his face during the video.

Perhaps it was the bottled up feelings of anger towards this woman, that came out against the female battle rapper. It would explain everything.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff