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Occultist Researcher Manly P Hall “Ritual Of the Mask” Insinuates COVID-19 Face Mask Requirement is Psychology Experiment Run by Elites

Since Early 2020 Face mask requirements have been enforced to allegedly prevent the spread of COVID-19. It caused a lot of controversy with people who believed there were ulterior motives in play due to the recovery rate of the virus being over 99%, and CDC amending guidelines to allegedly inflate death rates. There were many conspiracy theories floating around, but none are quite as interesting as Occultist researcher Manly P Hall’s “Ritual Of the Mask” insinuating that COVID-19 face mask requirements is a psychology experiment run by elites.

The History of Face Masks and Their Psychology Affects

In his writings Manly P Hall wrote about how a mask can change the way person things, and also the way people perceive the mask wearer. Through history masks were seen worn by individuals such as witches, shamans, and magicians. It is believed by many researchers that wearing any type of mask can create an altered sense of consciousness, when the mask wearer begins to copy the nature expressed by the mask itself. This phenomenon is called “atavistic resurgence”, which means connecting with primal nature or connecting with collective consciousness. In essence you can you make a large group of people all think the same way, by making them were the same type of mask.

How Manly P Hall’s “Ritual Of the Mask” Relates to Conspiracy Theory of COVID-19 Face Mask Being a Mass Psychology Experiment Run by Elites

Have you ever noticed how most people behave differently when wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic? More importantly have you noticed how inherently violent and mean people wearing facemasks would act towards anyone not wearing a face mask and vice-versa? Also have you wondered why studies show that people wearing face masks were actually catching COVID-19 at higher rates than people who didn’t? How about why people began to ridiculously think that anyone who didn’t wear a face mask was a Trump supporter?

The answer could be “atavistic resurgence” at play on a mass scale, which is exactly what Elites wanted to happen if the conspiracy of the COVID-19 facemask wearing being a psychology experiment is true.

Author: JordanThrilla