The 5 second Reddit Super Bowl LV commercial is going viral. The commercial was the result of bet, and had a message saying “wow this actually worked”. What was the hidden reason behind it though?

While the Reddit Super Bowl commercial was quick, the underlying message was deep and had to do with Gamestop fiasco that happened over the past few weeks.

The purpose of the 5 second Reddit Super Bowl LV commercial was to send the world another message about the power of average people coming together. The advertisement explained how r/WallStreetBets discovered how underdogs can band together to make powerful things happen if enough people rally behind a common goal.

This time it wasn’t making the Gamestop stock increase to unprecedent share prices, it was purchasing a Super Bowl LV ad slot that usually costs millions of dollars, and is mostly reserved for large companies. This ad segment was bought by a bunch of people who aren’t rich that were able to work together to achieve the once thought unachievable.

Granted the Reddit Super Bowl commercial was only 5 seconds, this is still a historical moment. The message in the commercial pretty much explains how most people feel about this, “Wow this actually worked”.

Author: JordanThrilla

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