Does Lebron want Adam Silver Fired? Lebron James Goes Full Donald Trump on NBA Officials Who Came Up with Play In Tournament

Does Lebron James want Adam Silver fired? Lebron James wants NBA officials who played part in creating the new “play in tournament” system. In a viral rant sounding like his biggest enemy Donald Trump Lebron James berated the NBA minds that created the play in tournament to mitigate the problem of teams who have almost identical records to the 7th and 8th seed getting left out the playoffs.

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With possibility that Lakers would have to play in this tournament this season, which means extra games and higher chance of being upset, Lebron James wants no part of it. In his angry message he said, “Whoever came up with s*** needs to be fired”, which sounds like something Trump would say. The first NBA official with rule making power that comes to mind is Adam Silver.

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It’s not often you hear Lebron James calling for people to lose their job over something he doesn’t like basketball wise.

Lakers are now the 7th seed although they hold the same record as the 5th and 6th seeds, both the Mavericks and Blazers own the tiebreaker over them.

Lebron James has been a bit grumpy since returning from his injury, which might be because he is playing injured. In Lakers latest game Lebron was taken out early, because of soreness in the ankle that caused him to miss 20 games. He talked about his ankle getting tight during his last two games at the postgame interview.

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The last thing you want to have to do when you are recovering from an injury is have to play in do or die games before the real the playoffs start. That might be Lebron’s reality whether or not he is 100%.

It’s easy to see why Lebron really hates the NBA officials who created the play in tournament, which put him in this position.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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