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Video Of Man Jumping on Ostrich Then Getting Chased Down By the Ostrich Goes Viral

Ostriches are some of the biggest birds in existence with the ability to kill a human being very easily with their sharp claws and beaks. We’ve seen plenty of video games where people ride on Ostrich like animals, but in the real world it’s one of the most dangerous things you can attempt. Naturally a video of a bravely stupid man jumping on Ostrich then getting chased down by the Ostrich is going viral.

The footage starts from the moment the man was able to make Ostrich going into a defense mode position allowing him to jump on its back. From that point the man rode the ostrich for a few seconds before it violently swung him off its back. From there things got scary when the Ostrich started to chase him down with intent to kill.

The video doesn’t show how this situation ended most likely because it didn’t end well. Ostriches can reach running speeds of up to 43 mph, which means they can run as fast as a car. Although it seems like the man was able to get away in the video, there’s no doubt that ostrich didn’t eventually catch him and get its revenge.

If you’ve ever been to a zoo and seen an Ostrich pecking away at the gate when you try to feed it, then you know how deadly they could be while attacking a human being. There’s even usually signs at zoos that warn you about how dangerous their beaks are.

Moral of this story is also common sense, don’t ride ostriches for clout.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff