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Black Woman Gives Her Boyfriend $10K in Cash For His Birthday Using a Microwave For Staying Faithful in Viral Video

Men everywhere are going to be looking at their girlfriend sideways after seeing what one woman did for her boyfriend on his special day. In a viral video a black woman gave her boyfriend $10,000 for staying faithful to her even though she has kids by another man. What was amazing was how she surprised him with the money.

The video starts off as the woman gave her boyfriend a card with $500 inside it. He was happy about that small amount money, but he never guessed what would happen next when she handed him a red microwave. Inside the microwave was a black safe, and she handed him a key. When he opened it $10K was inside waiting for him. To celebrate the incredible gift he did the Kodak Black money spread for the camera. The beautiful moment might make you shed a tear.

Reactions to the video have been mixed. Some people are wondering where she got all the money from. Some people think it wasn’t smart to post the video on social media, because it could put them in danger of being robbed. There are also the people who are wondering what will happen if her boyfriend leaves her for another woman or she catches him cheating.

One thing that’s for sure is if she was willing to give her boyfriend $10K in cash she must really love him and trust him. That is one amazing woman.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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