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Is Ninja Gay? Ninja’s ‘DTF’ Tweet Sparks Intense Reactions

In text message conversations the acronym ‘DTF’ usually pertains to intimate relations. The three letters usually represents the phrase ‘Down to F***’. Recently Ninja went viral for using this term in a way that had people thinking he came out the closet, but there was a funny plot twist.

Is Ninja Gay? Ninja’s ‘DTF’ Tweet Sparks Intense Reactions

Out of nowhere Ninja set social media ablaze with one short statement. In a viral tweet Ninja wrote ‘DTF bro’. At first glance it seemed like Ninja was ready to make love to a man. People instantly thought that Ninja is gay, and coming out the closet. It would have been one of the boldest coming out statements for an internet celebrity in history. However, the hidden meaning behind the tweet was actually related to Fortnite.

When Ninja said ‘DTF’ he actually meant ‘Down to Fortnite’. He was just ready to play some intense Fortnite sessions with his comrades. He clarified his statement by posting another tweet in the Twitter thread of his first tweet after people began reacting to his comment. Still yet the reactions people had before they knew he was talking about Fornite were hilarious. Ninja knew the commotion his tweet would cause, so his trolling mission was accomplished.

These were some of the funniest reactions to Ninja’s ‘DTF bro’ tweet.

Moral of the story is that if you get a text from a male friend saying ‘DTF’ don’t assume they are making an advance towards you. Instead assume they just want to play some Fortnite. Times are changing due to how popular the game is, so much so that now the meaning of DTF has been altered forever.

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