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Did Omi in a Hellcat Snitch on His IPTV Colleagues on Live TV while be Interviewed about FBI Arresting Omi in a Hellcat Again in 2021?

Back in 2019 FBI seized everything from Omi in a hellcat on livestream. Most people thought that situation was behind him after it was reported Omi in Hellcat accepted a plea deal from FEDS to avoid a 230 month jail sentence. However, just recently FBI arrested Omi in a Hellcat in 2021, and now he is speaking out about it on the news.

Is Omi in a Hellcat a Snitch?

During a Fox News segment right in front his house, Omi explained that he still feels he did nothing illegal, and is prepared to go jail if he loses his upcoming court case. However, things took an interesting turn when it appeared Omi in a Hellcat snitched on his IPTV colleagues.

He told the news reporter he wants to know why FEDS haven’t arrested his colleagues, stating they are currently doing the same thing he used to do with the alleged illegal streaming. He added that DIRECTV is suing them, but FBI still hasn’t come after them. He was insinuating that FEDS are targeting him unfairly, but in the process Omi in a Hellcat dry snitched on his friends.

Why Did FBI Arrest Omi in a Hellcat Again in 2021?

A recent video which you can see below along with his new interview shows FEDS raiding Omi in a Hellcat’s house in 2021 before arresting him. Omi’s girlfriend was distraught as she recorded the situation, and accused the FBI of not telling them why they were searching his home. Omi in a Hellcat was also confused as he kept asking what they were looking for. The video ends with FBI agents asking Omi if he had any guns in his home.

Here is Omi in a Hellcat’s Fox news interview.

Here is the Omi in a Hellcat 2021 arrest video.

Here is the video from back in 2019, when FBI first raided Omi in a Hellcat’s home. He wants to know why his friends didn’t go through the same thing back then, or in 2021.


Omi in a Hellcat made his fortune through alleged illegal streaming on IPTV networks, but he still claims what he was doing technically wasn’t illegal. At the height of his success he owned two night clubs, a restaurant, construction sites, and real estate. He claims everything he made money from was out in the open, and completely legal.

Despite FEDS confiscating a lot of his property back in 2019, Omi has recovered from the incident by securing new business ventures, and is back to living a lavish lifestyle again.

Would you consider Omi in a Hellcat a snitch after this new interview? It seems he just put a target on his friends’ backs.

Author: Jordanthrilla Staff

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