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Viral TikTok Video Shows Horse Eating Tour Guide’s Shirt in Jamaica While Its Still on His Body

Vacationing in another country is always a great experience, because it allows you see many new things. For TikToker user ‘user6354872712184’, what she saw during her vacation probably isn’t anything she imagined before going on a trip to the beautiful Jamaica.

A Horse Eating a Man’s Shirt in Jamaica?

A viral TikTok video shows a horse eating a tour guide’s shirt in Jamaica, while it was still on his body. The commentary of the video made the blooper that much more hilarious as user6354872712184 said,

“Ya’ll my tour guide, I’m riding a horse. Uh oh, he done ate your dang shirt. Oh hell, he eating it too.”

What was even funnier than the TikToker’s comments, was the sound effects of the Horse eating the shirt on the Jamaican Horseback guide. You could hear a loud ripping sound, that almost sounded like crunch. That Horseback tour guide was definitely embarrassed when he looked back at the damage to shirt.

This was a look of defeat from the Horseback guide. He got embarrassed by the horse in front of a woman, right at the moment he was trying to look cool for her video. Talk about being a player hater.

Viral TikTok Video Shows Horse Eating Tour Guide's Shirt in Jamaica While Its Still on His Body. Horse eats shirt off Horseback guide in Jamaica. TikTok video from 'user6354872712184' showing Horse eating shirt on Jamaican tour guide.

Is it Normal For Horses to Eat T-Shirts?

As you probably are already expecting, it’s definitely not normal for a horse to eat a person’s shirt. Horses usually feed on hay, grass, salt, and fruit.

In this situation maybe the Horseback guide’s shirt smelled like hay, or the horse was just very hungry. Whatever the case may be the end result is one embarrassed tour guide who needs a new work shirt.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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