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Ashanti Exposes a Producer Wanting to Take a Shower with Her in Exchange for Two Records

In the music, Hollywood, and business world there’s no doubt that women face more pressure and barriers than men when it comes to trying to succeed. There have been countless stories of women being pressured or coerced into $exual favors for various reasons, and being punished in some form when they refuse. Sadly it appears Ashanti was a victim of a situation like that when working on one of her albums, or so she claims.

Who is the Producer Who Wanted to Take a Shower with Ashanti as a Form of Payment?

According to an alleged statement from Ashanti there was once a time where she recorded two records with a producer who told her that he wouldn’t charge her, because they were friends. However, his tone allegedly changed when it came to put the songs on an album for release. It’s alleged that the producer told Ashanti that if she didn’t take a shower with him then he would charge her $40K for each song. She didn’t mention the producer’s name.

Ashanti went through a lot at the hands of men during the height of the career, but this might be one of the most shocking revelations of her experiences.

It takes a really strong woman to be confident enough to openly talk about having to deal with situations like that.

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