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Louisville Kentucky Goons Ban Jack Harlow After They Say Jack Harlow Friend Shot and Killed Woman at Club

Louisville Kentucky goons banned Jack Harlow from the city after a woman was shot and killed at Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge while he was there. These goons are saying Jack Harlow’s friend shot and killed the woman.

Reports allege the dead woman hit Jack Harlow’s friend with glass bottle for an unknown reason. It’s alleged that his friend then retaliated by murdering the woman. A security guard who was at the scene when the incident went down claims that the only way a gun could have gotten past them is if a big name celebrity like Jack Harlow and his crew brought one in. He says artists and their crews don’t get patted down like the average club goer. The security guard revealed this information on Facebook Live.

The security guard finished his statement by confirming Jack Harlow is banned from Louisville Kentucky. He warned him that if he ever holds another show in the city, he or people in his crew could die. It appears so far Jack Harlow may be taking the threat serious, because he didn’t show up for his Kentucky Derby Appearance.

The footage below is from when the Ultra Lounge shooting happens. You can see Jack Harlow and his crew were very close to scene.

It seems Jack Harlow has been mostly quiet on social media since this club shooting controversy started. That may or may not indicate what the security guards are saying is true. Some people are saying Jack Harlow was shot at, but security is saying Jack Harlow’s entourage did the shooting. Who is telling the truth?

RIP to the woman that passed away.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff