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Did Future Get Malia Obama Pregnant? The Truth about Viral Rumor Future Smashed Barack Obama’s Daughter

There’s no doubt that Future is one of the biggest pimps in hip-hop history. He has dated some of the most attractive women in the music and Hollywood Industry throughout the years. He’s most known for the drama filled breakup he had with Ciara before he started dated Lori Harvey. Then he was linked to Chloe Bailey. Now there is a rumor floating around that he may be part of a former president’s family now, but is the rumor true. In this article we will give you the truth.

Is Future Smashing Malia Obama?

There is rumor floating around that Future smashed Malia Obama. At 38 years old there is a 14 year difference between him and Barack Obama’s 24 year old daughter, but as we all know younger women seem to love Future. Just about every woman he has dated has been much younger than him. Recently the rumor of the secret romance went viral when news began to spread that Malia Obama is pregnant with Future’s baby.

Did Future Get Malia Obama Pregnant? The Truth about Viral Rumor Future Impregnated Barack Obama’s Daughter

According to reports the rumor first started to spread on Instagram. The news was first posted by an Instagram account called “Rapstreet TV”. In the post they said, “Breaking: Future and Malia Obama expecting first child together”. Just like that people on social media took the news and ran with it. However, it has been confirmed that Malia Obama is not pregnant with Future’s child. The rumor is a completely fabricated fantasy.

This is more proof of how easily social media can be fooled with fake news. If the news were actually true Future would become quite possibly the most legendary figure in hip-hop history. Future getting Barack Obama’s daughter pregnant would turn the political world upside down. Imagine what conservative news outlets like Fox News would say about that.

Future has a long list of celebrity women he has smashed, but Malia isn’t one of them, but who knows maybe she will be one day. Sometimes fake rumors speak things into existence.

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