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Why is Dream Revealing His Face? Details on When Dream’s Face Reveal Date is Happening and Why

The YouTuber named Dream is a gamer who is mostly known for his Minecraft and speedrun videos. He appeared on the YouTube scene in 2014, but really rose to fame in 2019 after he began making Minecraft related videos. His most famous series of videos is titled “Minecraft Hunt”. He now has over 19 Million subscribers, over 5 million followers on Twitter, and has videos that get upwards of 50 million views regularly. One aspect of his persona that makes him so interesting and mysterious is the fact that he has never shown his face, but that’s about to change very soon.

Why is Dream Revealing His Face? “The Mask is Coming Off”

When people connect with popular streamers seeing their face is very important in most cases. Dream is a unique case where even though his fans don’t know what he looks like they still were able to become attached to him. Rather than showing his face most people know him for that smiley mask in a hoody image he uses. Recently the internet went into a frenzy when Dream revealed in a YouTube comment that he would finally reveal his face to fans in his next video. Now this wouldn’t be the first time a Dream face reveal was promised by him, but due to unforeseen circumstances it has always been delayed. However, now the time has finally came, and people couldn’t be more excited.

In the viral YouTube message Dream said, “My next upload will be me face revealing. The mask is coming off, and George is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team. Then back to some epic Minecraft (plus Minecraft manhunt in real life soon) so many awesome things to come. Super nervous, but also incredibly excited for the future. I can’t wait to start meeting you guys in person”. Dream’s face reveal promise even has him nervous as you can see. Plus it coincides with GeorgeNotFound getting his visa to finally move stateside. So many incredible developments in this situation.

Screenshot Credit: GeorgeNotFound Instagram

When is Dream’s Face Reveal Date Happening?

Dream’s face reveal date is dependent on two separate things. Firstly Dream Team planned to go to TwitchCon in San Diego, which is happening during the first week of October, specifically on the 7th through 9th. Secondly GeorgeNotFound has to successfully move to America and be comfortably situated in his new home. When you take into account those two things there a good chance Dream’s face reveal will happen between September 23 and October 7.

Essentially it’s highly possible Dream is revealing his face either in the next two days or at most 2 weeks from now. Of course fans are hoping it happens sooner than later. It will be interesting to see how people react to his physical appearance. What if there was physical reason why he was hiding his face all this time?