Body-Shamers Make Lizzo Cry on Instagram Live With Mean Fat Insults Following Release of 'Rumors' Video With Cardi B

Lizzo is usually a confident woman who takes the hate in stride, but a recent incident broke down her tough emotional walls. Fat insults from Body Shamers made Lizzo cry on Instagram live following the release of her “Rumors” video with Cardi B.

In her emotional message Lizzo described the body-shaming of her ‘Rumors’ video as fat phobic and racist. She said the negative comments she experienced were very hurtful. It’s clear her buttons were really pushed with this incident, and she had to really have a heart to heart with the general public.

When she was flaunting her curvy body proudly in the “Rumors” video no one expected it would end with Lizzo crying on Instagram live. The world is cruel these days though.

Hopefully Lizzo remembers that she is beautiful woman, and continues to be a confident role model for people around the world. Hopefully this makes the mean body-shamers stop constantly attacking her natural body weight.

You can be “overweight”, and still technically in great shape. Based on the energy Lizzo brings to her performances it’s clear she’s probably in better shape than the people who call her fat.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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