FEDS Indict YFN Lucci on RICO Charges Along With 11 Others

YFN Lucci was indicted on RICO charges in a sting that led to 11 others getting charged as well. They are all alleged to be part of a faction of the Blood gang, and have over 100 counts racketeering being brought against them.

District Attorney Fani Willis conveyed how a sharp increase in violent crime in the Georgia area fueled the investigation into YFN Lucci’s RICO charges. The cased was worked by world famous gang law veteran John Floyd.

YFN Lucci was already facing murder charges due a shooting that happened last year. Video of his virtual court session in that situation went viral.

It’s crazy the FEDS may have been watching YFN Lucci way back when he was talking about getting Lil Wayne’s daughter pregnant.


YFN Lucci’s lawyer is adamant that his client is innocent of all RICO charges being brought against him. He made a bold statement saying YFN Lucci is not a gang member, then talked about his career as a musician.

It’s going to take a lot of luck and his lawyer going Super Saiyan with lawbook for YFN Lucci to beat this case when FEDS have put RICO charges on the table.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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