In the professional world it’s widely believed that personal preferences in things such as music and politics should never intersect with your work place. However, often times people are so passionate about certain things that they shape their workplace environment with personal ideals. A situation involving a teacher, Kid Cudi, and the late MF Doom is a great example of that.

5th Period Teacher Banning ‘Kid Cudi’ and ‘MF Doom’ from Being Mentioned in Classroom Goes Viral

A viral TikTok video posted by TikToker ‘h3avenless’ shows a list of banned words their 5th period teacher created for students. On this list were strange words and phrases such as dookie, baby girl, moist, Quandale dingle, and schmeckles. However, what stood out most was the teacher adding Kid Cudi and MF Doom to the list of banned words and phrases.

Image Credit: @h3avenless TikTok

The million dollar question the hip-hop world is wondering is why that 5th period teacher hates MF Doom and Kid Cudi? MF Doom died back in 2020, and this teacher still feels the need to ban his name from being mentioned in class. How deep does the rabbit hole go with this teachers disdain for the two legendary hip-hop artists?

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