TI’s 16 year old son is usually known to be laid back personality wise based on their TV shows and social media posts, but a recent video showed what can happen if you make him angry. In the footage TI and Tiny’s son King C’Andre Harris fighting a fan or heckler talking trash almost become reality.

In the footage you can hear someone say something, then King Harris turns around saying “Or what. You over their talking do something”. It didn’t seem like he had much security around him, so he was really about that life in the moment. Luckily the situation didn’t escalate further, because the person who was stepping to him was too scared to retaliate.

What was inside the backpack King Harris had?

It’s not really clear if this was a NLE Choppa situation where a fan said the wrong thing after not getting an autograph, or just a heckler trying to get some attention. What is clear is that TI and Tiny’s son King Harris will fight anyone who verbally disrespects him.

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