Leaked Trav Phone Call Alleges Wack100 Has Erectile Dysfunction and Wack 100 Wife Kimberly Jones is Cheating On Him

A leaked phone call between Trav and Wack100 has the internet buzzing after controversial revelations were made during the heated exchange. On this phone call Trav alleged Wack 100 has erectile dysfunction. He also exposed that Wack100 wife is cheating on him.

When Trav clowned Wack100’s erectile dysfunction issue he didn’t deny it, and rather sounded very sad that he went that far. This makes some people feel that Trav is telling truth. It went further when Trav revealed Wack100’s wife Kimberly Jones is cheating on him. His reaction to that information seemed to convey it was true as well.

Could this mean Wack100’s wife is cheating, because he can’t get it up?

Take a listen to the leaked phone call between Trav and Wack 100. Press the unmute button if you hear no sound.

Wack100 is 43 years old, so he’s in the age group of men most susceptible to erectile dysfunction issues. In fact stats say that 40% of men over the age of 40 are affected by erectile dysfunction. That number goes up 70% for men 70 years older. While it might be surprising to some people to hear Trav saying Wack 100 has erectile dysfunction, it’s a common issue for a man his age. The real question is why does Trav know Wack100 has erectile dysfunction?

What was most troubling about this leaked phone call is that Trav said Wack100’s wife is cheating on him. Based on how he reacted it seems that he is aware even before Trav made it public. If Wack 100’s wife Kimberly Jones is cheating due to has erectile dysfunction his ego must be taking some real damage.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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