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Paparazzi said the Unthinkable to Kanye West Before He Snatched Their Phone

Recently, news of Kanye West snatching a paparazzi’s phone has been circulating in the media. The incident occurred while Kanye West was out in public trying to visit his children. Kanye West was so frustrated by the paparazzi’s intrusive recording that he lost his temper, and snatched someone’s phone. This was a moment of great distress for West, and it sent shockwaves throughout the celebrity world.

This incident has brought to light the ongoing power struggle between celebrities and paparazzi over the right to privacy. As soon as a celebrity steps out in public, they are liable to be hounded by paparazzi. They are constantly under surveillance, which has led to many of them feeling anxious and paranoid. However, the celebrity-paparazzi power imbalance has become more and more intense in recent years.

What Did Paparazzi Say to Kanye West Before He Snatched Their Phone?

The situation between Kanye West and the paparazzi is a clear example of the strain between public figures and their privacy. Kanye West was with his children when the paparazzi began to record him. To add insult to injury, when West confronted the paparazzi about their behavior, they had the audacity to respond by saying “You can’t go home and see them”.

This statement spoke volumes about the paparazzi’s attitude towards a celebrity’s personal life, and how they believe they have the right to intrude and scrutinize them in any public space. Many people that was the statement that really ticked him off. Not surprisingly later Kanye West snatched paparazzi’s phone, and threw it into the street.

Kanye West’s response to the paparazzi’s intrusion has been met with mostly positive reactions from fans and the public. People on social media are very disturbed by how the paparazzi spoke to West, and how they believe they can infringe on a celebrity’s right to privacy. They see this incident as evidence of how the paparazzi are always looking to intrude on celebrities’ personal lives, and how they are never given the respect or privacy they deserve.

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